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Welcome to our Activity page! These activities are available to you while you are on the property to share with your child. We expect that all visitors respect the fact that these are available to you through our kindness. Parents should limit the activities to one per child. Please enjoy making a craft, playing a game, or listening. 

Christine Kovacs - Owner


Crafts & Activity Table

Directions for each craft please make sure to only make one craft per child and clean up after yourself! 

Make a  Seed  Bomb ( Spring / Summer)

Go to our garden table and make a Seed Bomb by following the directions in this video.  It will be messy! Once they dry you can take them home in a paper bag. 

Make a Pine  Cone  Feeder ( Fall)

Go to our garden table and make a Pine cone Feeder by following the directions in this video. It will be messy! Once they dry you can take them home in paper bag.

Bee & Butterfly Antennas

  1. Wrap the black pipe cleaner around as a headband.
  2. Twist another pipe cleaner around the top center of the headband so the two ends make a “V” shape - for Butterfly antenna, you can use two colors if you want. For the Bee antenna, twist two different colors together and place them separately on the headband. 
  3. Curl and twist the ends to your liking.

Small  Motor  Skills  &  Games

Enjoy a game of bee and ladybug 

Tic Tac Toe

Spelling Skills - match bugs

& Virginia Wildlife to their names

Sand play - make your own little fairy scene and take a picture

(Please do not take any items home, other kids need to use items to make their own scene!)

Matching Colors

This activity is fun! Take some paint, color clips, and find those colors in the garden! The objects can be flowers, grass, pots, or any object in the garden. 

Fairy Letters

Our fairies have left your little one a letter, find the secret letterbox, and read the letter to your little one and take it home with you!

Make Tree Beads

Hang them on the Trees for

 the Fairies

Fairies, Gnomes, and other magical creates love shiny things, make a string of beads and we will hang them on the trees to attract the Fairies! Put a bell on the end so the fairies know where they are!

Bonus Video!
Squirrel Ninja 
Obstacle Course

Great Laugh!

Squirrels are amazing little animals. 

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